Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Had a blast at Convention!

You may have noticed that I've been absent from blogging since the end of the school year.  There has been a lot going on including writing a Geometry curriculum, preparing to move and getting ready for Convention.  The next week or so will bring a frenzy of things to do but I won't go too far, I promise.  (Thank goodness for being able to schedule posts. LOL)

If you're a friend of mine on Facebook you have seen some fun photos of me and other Consultant friends who celebrated BIG time in Dallas this past weekend at our annual Close To My Heart Convention.  There's no better time to come together with those who share the same passion as I for papercrafting and for Close To My Heart's exclusive products.

There are some fabulous new products, program enhancements (to Studio J) and some fabulous upcoming campaigns that are exciting, not to mention a beautiful new Idea Book which will debut on August 1st!  Watch my posts with these exciting announcements!

Today I would just like to share a few of my favorite photos from the event starting with our Opening Day on Thursday... 
Directors were given these CUTE signs with our team names as we started off Convention with a Texas-sized parade!

On Wednesday evening we had a Texas-sized team celebration at Original Market Diner in Dallas (photos to come soon) and each attendee was given several fun treats.  One of the goodies were these white cowboy hats given to everyone by Angie Esquibell.  That evening the girls had the opportunity to bling them out, perfect for wearing with our team shirts on Thursday.  
Tawnya and Michelle during a Create 'n Take session.
Kimberly and Cyndi taking a break from creating.
Xellina and Marianne enjoying the creating!
Amanda and Kristi working on a layout.
Windy and Christy with their cute hats.
My Mom and I perusing the new Idea Book.
Mary and I just taking a moment for a pose.  (I love this picture!)
And then...before breaking for the day many of my team members and adoptees took a moment to pose for this fun picture!  How fun is that?!  Talk about a party waiting to happen with the ladies in this photo! I love my girls!
There are more event photos to include along with some great information so stay tuned!