My Story

Melissa Robinson
Close To My Heart Director

I am thrilled you have decided to stop by.  I take great pride in updating my blog regularly as I enjoy sharing my life and creative addictions with you.  I live in Irving, TX and outside of being an educator, I am a Close To My Heart Consultant.

Originally from Silver City, New Mexico, that is where I first attended a Close To My Heart Gathering.  I attended the event out of guilt. My mom had been invited to attend a "stamp party" and she and I both assumed it was for postage stamps! She wanted to support the woman who had invited her and I didn't want to let her go alone, so I went and returned a changed and CTMH-ADDICTED person!

I became a Consultant a couple of years later and am still here...more than 18 years later!
My Mom and I in Anaheim, CA. She was my first team member many years ago and is still with me!

When I was a full-time public educator, I loved the idea of being able to make inexpensive gifts for my staff, students, friends and family members! I also love the various things I can make with the same supplies, making my purchases very cost effective.  I still love the quality products I represent and have not been bored a day since!
Being a Consultant provides me an opportunity to escape from the grown-up demands of life. My full-time job is as a training facilitator for an educational publishing company. I travel quite a bit throughout the year, from coast to coast, and love checking out the sights and scenes of training locations. I am thankful for the opportunity to fulfill my continued passion for education.
My husband and I have lived in various places throughout the United Stated. Those opportunities allowed me to meet many people throughout the country while experiencing various cultures. I believe those experiences have proven valuable in molding who I am as a person and appreciating people from various backgrounds and walks of life; characteristics which have impacted my ability to communicate effectively with adults and young people. 

I am passionate about what I do and love sharing Close To My Heart with others! Thank you for stopping by and joining me on this Heartfelt Sentiments journey. I look forward to hearing from you!  Have a blessed day!