Saturday, July 31, 2010

August Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!

Welcome to our Stamp of the Month (SOTM) Blog Hop! We will be featuring the August SOTM, "Something Splendid", a set of 13 stamps.

If you have come here from Melinda's Blog, you are on the right path! If this is your first stop, you may want to go back to Helen's Blog and start from the beginning!

This month we have 65 Close To My Heart Consultants sharing their creations using this month's SOTM and other great CTMH products on their blogs. This is simple to do - just click on the link at the end of the post on each blog to move to the next one! Here we go!
I felt this stamp set nicely lent itself to a technique called "Chalk Popping".  It's a tried and true technique that can be used on any image but especially, solid images. 
Using a Versamark ink pad, I inked up the largest floral, solid image on the right.  I stamped it on a White Daisy sheet of Cardstock and generously poured White Embossing Powder over the image.  I shook off the excess powder, using the Craft Tray to do so effectively, and then used a Craft Tool to heat and set the powder.  (This process is easy to view and you will know when it is finished.  Be sure not to overheat the image or you can burn the paper.)  Then, I used the Summer Soft Chalks to ink up the image, using Q-tips, working from the center out.  To create shading on the flower, I used the lighter color first on the middle of the image and then brought in the darker shade of blue.  I then used my finger tip to blend in the colors a bit.  Trying not to take away from the flower and the technique, I used some White Daisy Grosgrain Ribbon, Topiary Brads and a simple sentiment to finish the card off.  The pattern used is from our "Wishes" book, "Background Bar", found on page 75.
Products Used: X7124B Splendor Level 2 Paper Packet, Z891 Versamark Ink Pad, Z673 White Daisy Embossing Powders, Z903 Summer Soft Chalks, Z270 White Daisy Grosgrain Ribbon, Z2134 Moonstruck Ink Pad, Z2105 Black Ink Pad.

Now "Hop" on over to Wendy's Blog to see her work! Be sure to visit all the Consultants at their Blogs to get some great crafting ideas and other fun ideas! Remember, the August SOTM is only available until August 31, 2010. Contact me (or click here) to see how you can get this stamp set at a discount or even free!

To view other projects that have been made using this Stamp of the Month please click here.  Happy hopping!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Bliss

I created this card last night for my niece (Corey's side of the family) who will get married on August 7th. 

I LOVE our Duo-sides Background and Texture Paper as this polka dot pattern is the backside of one of the papers in the "Rock On" Level 2 paper packet.  I used Pansy Purple Textured Cardstock for the darker AND lighter shades of purple (used the backside for the lighter color).  I tore the lighter shade of cardstock to create the look and lightly sanded the darker shades of paper found in both locations.  I used a Sponge Dauber to color the Heart Dimensional Element with Pansy Purple ink.

To create the "lace", I used our Corner Rounder to create the scallops and used the Paper Piercer to punch the holes.  It was the final touch to the card and I think it set it off nicely, bringing out the white of the ribbon. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shasta (the cat)

It's kind of crazy the feelings you develop for a family pet.  Mine was tested earlier today when my Sister's cat, for 17 years, was put to rest.  She had grown old and was experiencing some health challenges.

Shasta had been given to Stephanie by surprise (I still remember the day when we wrapped her in a box - lol) her Senior year of high school.  She always liked my Sister better.  LOL  She would cuddle up with me until Stephanie got home and then she was out my door and snuggling with her.  I was just used for the time being.  :0) 

It's been a rough day for everyone, losing a member of our family who has been around for longer than I have known my husband.  (That's crazy when put in that perspective.) This was the last picture taken of her last night.  I am glad she is no longer suffering.

The Roomie Gifts I Created!

One of the traditions of attending Close To My Heart events is to exchange a little gift with your roomies (a.k.a. roommates)! I always love this exchange and want to share what I made this year.

Using a standard manila folder and our Caboodle Level 2 Paper Packet, I made these cute holders! They can be used for greeting cards and envelopes or in this case...I provided them as a way for my roomies to keep track of their expenses during our visit to D.C.! (Did you know as a CTMH Consultant you can write off ALL expenses related to your business, including attending an event in a location like Washington, D.C.?! If you want to know more about this, just ask!)

The notepad was provided for them to track their expenses and the envelope, a place for them to include their receipts. They seemed to be a big hit and I enjoyed making my roomies something purposeful!

Email me if you would like a copy of the directions to create this project.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Today is my Sister's birthday.  Her name is Stephanie.  She's my big, little sister.  She's younger than me but has always been taller than me - or at least for most of our lives.  LOL

It's just the two of us...  We are different in several ways and yet share some common interests.  I am sure it would be funny for others to sit in on some of our phone calls or silly discussions, memories only the two of us share - and secrets others will never know... :0)  They aren't bad secrets...just sister secrets.

I have shared many great memories with her!  We always wanted a brother...but I don't think he would have known what to do with us!  God knew what he was doing...  I love you, Sister and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Stephanie and I hanging out during our Memorial Day 2010 visit to Silver City, NM.

My Sister and Husband cuttin' up like always...

My favorite spots in D.C.!

There was something special about visiting Washington, D.C. for our Annual Close To My Heart Convention in early July.  I shared memories with people in my life which will always have a special place in my heart.  And...I have some wonderful pictures to remind me of them...

I had the fortunate opportunity to "live" in the Gaylord National Hotel for over a week and shared the experience with several roommates.

Here am I with two of my roomies, my Mom (Maria Elena Sanchez) and Sheila Wilkerson.

One roomie was behind the camera in most pictures so here I am with my other roomie, Cindy Denning (and Sheila Wilkerson).

We were blessed to have been granted tours to the White House, Pentagon and Capitol on July 6th.  Security was very high at each location and we were extremely limited on what we could take on our tours - and cameras were not included.  We were able to take our phones so used camera capabilities on them for selective pictures.

Our first visit was to the White House. We were able to view portions of the West Wing, seeing historical furniture and commemorative photos and paintings.  No sightings of President Obama nor the First Lady

Our next stop was at the Pentagon.  We had some good people-watching opportunities as we awaited the tour, with everyone having to show valid identification whether working in the Pentagon or visiting someone who worked there.  We were unsure what to expect on this tour but it was very moving and informative.  We were able to go inside the 9/11 Memorial.  It was very emotional simply upon entering.  It was wonderful to see such a tribute to all the men, women and children who lost their lives that fateful day.

The Capitol was next...

 We reported to Kansas Congressman Jerry Moran's office where we were greeted by two interns who became our tour guides.  They gave us a very thorough tour of the Capitol although nobody was in session. 

The visitor's center is a newly added portion to the Capitol and is underground.

I enjoyed seeing the phenomenal structures and artwork in the Capitol.  It was amazing to see the art and creativity in a building that is hundreds of years old. 

We also saw the sites on the National Mall but those photos are to come in another post.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing in these memories with me!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My scrap space (in Texas)

Who would have known, when I posted photos of my scrapbook space not too long ago, that it wouldn't be up for long in Kansas?  We have since relocated to Arlington, TX and this is what my new scrap space looks like.  While not as big of room as the previous's my space and that's all that counts! :0)

This space and work area faces the east.  There is a closet just to the right of this photo.

This is a front-view of my Memory Makers Wall Organizer. Love the accessibility to all the goodies in it!  I've even rearranged and added some more jars since taking this photo but you get the idea.

This shelf space is just to the right of the door mentioned above.  The door, out of the room, is just to the right of this photo.

This shelf space is on the west wall and stores lots of necessaries!  (Just to the left of this area is a door to a full bathroom.  And just to the right of this is a full-size bed.)  I have all I need to hide out in this room, be productive, and chillax if I need to! 

Thanks for checking out my space!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July's Creative Club

I'm thrilled that my friend, Debi McBain, hooked me up with a club upon returning to Texas.  I've enjoyed fellowshipping with she and the other attendees over the last two months.

We met this past Monday (the 19th) and created this cute card holder and cards from the Zippidee paper packet.

This card holder pattern was shared by my friend, Carol Harris.  To create it, simply cut a piece of cardstock to measure 6 1/2" x 10".  This is for the box. 

Score 1" down the long sides and then turn and score at 4 1/2" and 5 1/2". Snip on the score marks up to the fold line (similar to making any other type of box).  Adhere together.

The lid is 6 5/8" x 7".  It is made the same way - score 1" down the long sides, turn and score at 3 & 4". Assemble accordingly and slide it over the box bottom!  Decorate as you desire!

We brainstormed some other contents for this box including hot cocoa packets, a notepad and pen...  The possibilities are endless!  Let me know if you have other uses for it!

This card was made using the July Stamp of the Month, "Friends Forever".  The design was inspired and copied from my friend, Chris Green.  She had created this card, as one of our roomie gifts for Convention, using Blue Ribbon and I loved how she had made the Hedgehog feminine.  I followed her lead.  (I will share her original creation in a future post.)

Using some of our Dimensional Elements, we sponged this flower in Cranberry ink and used a Clear Button and some patterned paper from Zippidee to make the center.  Colonial White Grosgrain ribbon was used to create the stem for the flower and leaves from "A Posey" stamp set finished it off. 

We incorporated Fancy Fuzz into this birthday card, cutting out a portion of the Fuzz to make the Mickey icon. 

All were a BIG hit!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I spent the 4th of July in our Nation's Capitol!

This year's 4th of July celebration will always be remembered as I had the privilege of spending it in Washington, D.C.!  A few friends and I arrived in D.C. a few days before our National Convention and enjoyed the historical sites.

We stayed at the Gaylord National Hotel, on the Potomac, with a beautiful view of the harbor. 

On the 4th, my friend Cindy Denning and I braved the HOT sun for several hours on the property of the Gaylord, watching bands who played Beach Boys and Eagles music.

It became a nice, cool evening as we enjoyed a wonderful fireworks display shot from a barge on the Potomac.  We were even able to see fireworks shot over the Capitol from the Gaylord and enjoyed a fun evening in great company!

It's a 4th to be remembered...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Top 4 Reasons I Love Being a Close To My Heart Director...

I was thrilled to celebrate achieving the title as Close To My Heart Director in May of 2008.  I have enjoyed all the benefits that come along with the title and plan to maintain this status and enjoy the rewards to come!

While receiving a birthday card and Christmas card and gift from the corporate staff each year, we are also treated like royalty at corporate events.  Here are the Top 4 benefits I enjoyed while attending our National Convention in Washington, D.C., July 8-11, 2010.

We were treated to a yummy 3-course dinner aboard the Odyssey and received a brand new stamp set and this cute, hand-made card.

Directors have draped chairs reserved for them at corporate events.

ME and my upline, Jody Peck, in the Director's chairs with our beautiful new bags (scarf and crown pin exclusive to Directors).

We were whisked away for an evening aboard The Odyssey.  We saw the beautiful sites of our Nation's Capitol, even at dusk and nightfall.  We enjoyed a lavish, 3-course meal

Consultant friends Stacy Park, Teri Baxter, Janene Wawro, ME, Cindy Denning and Carol Harris.

The Odyssey.

And the #1 reason I love being a Close To My Heart Director...

I was able to share this experience with my Consultant friends and team members!

My dear friend Cindy Denning and I.

My team member, Joy McHargue, and I sitting in Director's Row.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I love giving gifts!

One of the fun things I love about attending various events with my team is giving them gifts!  This year's Convention gifts were a big hit and were fun to make!

I made this 2-page layout to coordinate with the Convention colors but solely used cardstock to create them.  I random-stamped the Ocean cardstock to create a patterned paper using Ocean ink and used the "leathering" method, taught to me by Pamela O'Connor, to texturize the Sweet Leaf cardstock.  I feel the focal points in various locations on the page really finished off the layout!

And thanks to an idea from my dear friend, Cindy Denning, I enjoyed giving them a new charm to add to their Italian charm bracelet (given at their first corporate event) which is representative of the event.  This year it was a star-shaped charm with resemblance to the U.S. flag!

Last Wednesday, July 7th, my team joined for dinner at the National Pastime Bar & Grill in the Atrium of the Gaylord National Hotel.  We had a great time visiting and kicking off Convention!

My Mom, Maria Elena Sanchez, and I.

Lulu Healy and Cherri Hardcastle

Paula Goforth, ME, and Lupita Garza

Victoria and Marianne Hancock

Daniel and Xellina Wieland

There's always tons of fun when we get together! 
(Janet Williams, Marianne Hancock and Lulu Healy)