Upcoming Events

Upcoming Class Schedule

Contact me with any questions regarding the events listed below.  If you are attending the local event, please RSVP through my VIP Group or contact me directly. 

Payment forms: Check, Cash, Credit or Debit Card
  • If you need to mail a check, please contact me directly and allow time for receipt. 
  • To transmit credit/debit card information, let's do so over the phone. 
  • You can also transfer to me through Paypal at MlisRobinson@yahoo.com or click on the respective links, per event/fee. 
ALL classes are available to remote customers for an additional $5 fee to aid with shipping costs.  You will receive full-color directions and images can be pre-stamped and pre-cut, ready for assembly.  Complete details will be provided upon request.  (If you would like to cut your own paper and place an order directly from my website so your products arrive on your doorstep, let me know and I will provide you with a supply list.)

Upcoming events are currently communicated through my VIP Group (link above). 

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