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Join me for my Virtual Classes - cardmaking, scrapbooking, and more - where you will make beautiful artwork, while I support you in creating! You don't have to clean your house, drive in traffic, or even get dressed, if you don't want to do so! All of those are definite pluses, don't you think?! 

Why participate in a Virtual Class?

  • Be comfy (pjs, if you want) and create in the comfort of your chosen creative space. 
  • Complete the artwork at your leisure.
  • Watch the videos as many times as you want
  • Create fun artwork, with various techniques, in the classes. 
Details for participating:
  1. Indicate "Going" in the respective Event. 
  2. Read the specific details, in their entirety, regarding EACH Event as they will vary in fee and their related supplies. Also:
    • Sometimes kit items can be ordered directly from my website and arrive on your doorstep.
    • Other times kit items should be ordered by me, for me to prepare them for you (reduces costs based on the design of the resulting artwork), and then they will be shipped to you.
  3. Review the Order Form related to the respective Class, selecting which items you would like to purchase as your registration fee. Some items are required and others are optional, but strongly encouraged IF you want to create the artwork as designed.
  4. Every time you participate in a virtual class there will be an extra goodie provided/included such as a fun pattern, bonus technique, etc.
  5. An exclusive Virtual Classroom will be created for the respective slasses so those who register have exclusive access. Once your registration is confirmed (payment received), you will receive a link to join the class. 

Contact me with any questions regarding the events listed below.  If you are attending the local event, please RSVP through my VIP Group or contact me directly. 

Payment forms: Check, Cash, Credit or Debit Card
  • If you need to mail a check, please contact me directly and allow time for receipt. 
  • To transmit credit/debit card information, let's do so over the phone. 
  • You can also transfer to me through Paypal at MlisRobinson@yahoo.com or click on the respective links, per event/fee. 

Upcoming events are currently communicated through my VIP Group.

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