Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hubby's Birthday (& Super Bowl festivities)

My husband and I celebrated his 40th birthday this past weekend, with his official birthday on January 31st.  With the Super Bowl in the area in just a few days, and as huge football fans, we enjoyed taking in the sights and scenes of the upcoming event.
Sunday we headed out to Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth to see where ESPN would broadcast from for Super Bowl Week.  Here are some of photos from that day.

On Monday my husband had the day off and went to the live filming of several of ESPN's broadcasts.  My parents saw him several times on ESPN that day!

His favorite commentator to listen to on ESPN Radio is Colin  Cowherd. 
He then managed a picture with the ESPN Desportes Radio Analyst. (At least that's who he said it was!  lol)
And finally he caught Simeon Rice, who was a Defensive End for the Indianapolis Colts the last time he played, being interviewed on the local ESPN Dallas radio station.
He's been in heaven having LIVE access to all this ESPN "stuff".  He just wishes the weather would cooperate a little better.

We live close to Cowboys Stadium, where the Super Bowl will be held, and did a drive-by to take a few photos. 
This is what the front of the stadium looked like a week ago.  There has been an additional glass "wall" placed around the perimeter of the building where the logo is shown.

This is what it looks like now - finished.

Here's a view of the Lombardi trophy - on the east and west ends of the stadium.

I hope it's a competitive game and am cheering on the Packers! 


  1. I like the green top you're wearing!!! GO PACKERS!!!! Very fun, I'll be sure my husband peeks at your blog!

  2. Teri, We ended up hanging out with some Packers fans that Sunday - she's from there and now they live here - and we had a ball! They told me I was wearing Packer green! That's not what I thought about when I dressed that morning! LOL Cool! Please do!

  3. Are you going to the stadium Sunday? I'm thinking about braving the crowd and going downtown to Sundance Square

  4. Debi, no. You have to pay $200 just to get in the area. We want to go to downtown FW Sunday morning as they broadcast from there but haven't decided on game plans for sure. You'll need to be sure you text me so we can meet up if you're down there at the same time!


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