Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Youth Fall Retreat 2011

My hubby and I had the honor of accompanying our youth group to a fall retreat last weekend.  We were not sure what to expect as I have never been to a church camp before but it was a blessed time.

The retreat was held on the property of Texas Bible College.  It is located in Columbus, TX in a secluded area of the town on over 1,000 acres.  The facilities of the college are nice.  I was quite impressed.  We stayed in dorm-style rooms stocked wall-to-wall with bunk beds.  All 19 of us girls were in one room.  We had an enjoyable time.

Besides fellowship and receiving great messages, there were also opportunities to play.  We played sand volleyball, rode go-carts and...I got to ride a horse for the first time!

Yes, I had the tallest horse out of everyone in the group - don't ask (lol) - and had to get a little assistance climbing up.  LOL  It was a great experience and I enjoyed sharing it with my husband.  Of course, my husband had to be entertaining before the ride.  I was cracking up!

I am thankful for the opportunity given us to attend this event with the youth at DFW New Beginnings.  Pastor Huch's ministry has been such a blessing in our life since God directed us there and we enjoy giving of our time to the youth Pastors and the youth.
Acting silly as we climbed a tree to pose for some fun pictures!

Be blessed!

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  1. the tallest horse? ha-ha! aren't you & i usually the shortest ones in the room? :)


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