Friday, January 22, 2016

CTMH Team Builders in Salt Lake City

Last weekend I was blessed to attend Close To My Heart’s Team Builder’s Conference in Salt Lake City. It was a fabulous time spent with top leaders in the company. I love attending CTMH events but these and some others are fabulous because of the small and intimate setting. It truly allows for great networking with fellow Consultants and the home office staff.
This is a fun photo of all who attended, holding up hearts, of course.
We enjoyed 2 ¼ days of training filled with both business and creative classes taught by staff members and consultants. The information shared was practical and I am excited to plug them in to move forward in continuing to build a successful business while supporting my team members.
It is so fabulous to be close friends with the Executive Team.  This is Monica Wihongi who is the Chief Operating Officer for CTMH.  Love this lady tons!
This is me with my upline, Michelle, who has been a blessing with my business.
I am part of this team called Stampers with an Attitude led by Kimberly (in the black and red top on the right).  These ladies are members of that team from all over the country.  I am in Kim's second downline.
One of the highlights of Salt Lake, and almost a trademark of CTMH, is Waffle Love. It is a mobile food truck that joined us at the event on Saturday afternoon. We stood in line while it was snowing ( a perfect setting) and placed our order for a waffle of our choice. There are many yummy ones to choose from and we were treated to them by CTMH. Isn’t that wonderful?! It was awesome and so tasty; definitely a special treat.
You can see the snow falling if you look closely.  Love that it was caught in the photo.
Yep, you guessed it!  Had to take a photo with this yummy delight before it was no longer.  LOL
I love being able to attend trainings like this – that allow me to visit places throughout the country for a few days – that are write-offs for my business. Yep, you read that right! My flight, hotel, food, etc. is all a write-off on my taxes because they support my business. Isn’t that awesome?! Just another bonus for being a Consultant for a company that I love and believe in 100%.
This is another dear friend who admire, Tiffany Young, who is the Events Manager for CTMH.
Oh yeah!  Totally have to make mention of this!  LOL  When I arrived in Salt Lake, I thought I would check out who the Jazz were playing just because I was close to the arena.  And low and behold...LOL...when I checked, the Lakers were going to be in town!  How coincidental that Kobe would decide to visit while I was there so you guessed it!  I attended the game and got some great photos!  It was awesome having a surprise opportunity to see him play one last time.  So I digress...focus, focus, focus.  :)
If you would like to join me on this fun journey, contact me today! I am looking for some new team members who I would love to support whether you do so to save money on your purchases or want to make this a part or full-time business. That decision is totally yours!  You can click HERE for details regarding our Consultant kit.

 It is great to be home but I had a fabulous time and look forward to having a successful year with CTMH and am gearing up for another training in Houston on March 19th and Convention in Walt Disney World in June! Why not join me?!   

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