Saturday, December 7, 2013

Just My Grandpa and Me

My Grandma Rita passed away in June this year and I have missed her so much.  I will do little things, like cut a piece of Velveeta cheese off the block when I am making chile con queso, and think about her doing the same except...hers would have been a HUMONGOUS piece!  At times it hits me that I am not able to hear her voice or feel her soft hands and it is at those times that I miss her most.

With that being said, I am thankful to have known my Grandpa my entire life and still have him today.  He is a pretty cool guy and cracks me up at times.  He is a little too witty and keeps us quite entertained.  He was chillin' with us on Thanksgiving Day, watching some football, and we took full advantage of this time with him for a quick photo op.  

And my niece...many people think she looks and acts like me.  I will take it.  I am honored and blessed.

Thankful for many things, every day...  Have a wonderful weekend!

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