Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Not a scrapbooker? Totally fine.

But...do you post plenty of pictures of your special events on Facebook, only for there to be no record of the details of those fun events?  Or...do you have photos hidden away some place in your home?
How are family members who do not posses the same memory of an event going to value the photos?  Will they know where the photo was taken or who the people are in the photo?  What legacy are you leaving besides a box of photos stored under a bed or in a closet somewhere or a multitude of photos on Facebook that do not tell the story?  I love to scrapbook; I realize not everyone does.  However, there are ways for you to preserve your memories without "scrapbooking".

Consider getting your photos out and display them, even in a simple manner like this. These 12 x 12 Memory Protectors - Design 2 store 12 - 4 x 6 horizontal photos (6 on each side).  In this case one of the pockets has been used to journal about the story included in the photos.  How simple is that?
These 12 x 12 Memory Protectors Design I have six, vertical pockets that hold 12 - 4 x 6 photos (6 on the front, 6 on the back).
This is a perfect gift for yourself, your family, or how about for your parents or grandparents who have their own  photos stashed away somewhere?  Get those photos out.  Get them visible so they can be enjoyed; so others can smile and laugh at the fun memories those photos elicit when you look at them.

We have a fabulous selection of albums to put these pocket pages in.  You can view the various color options by clicking HERE.

If I can help you in considering this viable option for preserving your memories, please contact me.  You don't have to scrapbook to tell your story.

With something to think about...this is...  :)

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