Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gotta love fun mail!

So many times it's advertisements or worse yet, bills that arrive in the mail so I love a "fun mail" day! 

Several of my team members have placed an order with me for some of our cute team shirts!  (I will share a picture when they arrive.)  We like to wear them on the same day at Convention to represent the team.  We also enjoy wearing them at our Close To My Heart events or out in public as a form of advertisement.  Some of the checks that were mailed to me were included in fun cards and here are two of them!

This card was handmade by one of my downline, Windy L. 
It was so stinkin' cute I just could not help but show it off.

This one is a printed card with the beautiful photography taken by my downline, Janet W.  I thought the colors in this photo were absolutely gorgeous and I hope you can appreciate them through this photo.

Thanks to both Windy and Janet for brightening my day!

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