Monday, April 14, 2014

Chalk with a Twist

Did you grow up loving chalk as a child?  I did!  I remember loving to write on the sidewalk.  I don't know that my dad appreciated ALL the coloring we did on the front and back porches but we thought it was pretty.  LOL

One of the fun new products I have really taken a liking too is our Chalk Marker.  It is great for writing on our chalkboard shapes and sheet.  It is a white, opaque, broad-tipped marker.
I plan on playing with the marker a bit this weekend to create some fun artwork but wanted to show you another great use for it as shared by my friend, Sundi.  Because so many of us papercrafters have similar products, you can use it to label your items!  Too cool, right?!  You can put a coat of clear nail polish over it to secure the writing so it doesn't rub off!
I thought it was worth sharing this fun use for the marker that just costs $2.95!

Hoping your week is off to a phenomenal start!

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