Saturday, April 12, 2014

Washi Tape on Frame

This is one of the items I "won" during the artwork exchange at the retreat I attended a few weeks ago.  I guess the girl who created it, Jennifer, is all about the Washi Tape and has used it to decorate quite a few items.  
With this frame, that was just plain black, she used various Washi Tape designs to decorate the opposite corners of the frame.  The addition of the Cricut-cut title and a few pieces of bling and you have this adorable frame!  (I have to decide what picture to put in it.)

I am placing some Washi Tape on the order I am placing today to see what fun things I can decorate with it!  If you have done so before, I would love to see your creation!  Leave a comment below and share a link to your photo.

Creatin' in my papercraftin' studio,

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