Saturday, May 24, 2014

19 Years and Counting...

The last few days of the work week were emotional and humbling ones as I realized I had made it through my first year as an Elementary School Principal.  I faced many rewards and multiple challenges as I took on new responsibilities in various capacities.

On Thursday afternoon we waved off our students for the last time this school year as they road off into the summer sunset (until our extended year program begins on June 16th).
All staff members joined me outside as the students screamed as they left the anticipation of the school building which is scheduled to open on August 1st.
Later that afternoon, quite a few staff members joined me at the Elephant Butte Inn for our end-of-the-year celebration.  It was an enjoyable culmination of the year's activities.  
Quite a few staff members shared their appreciation for me and my leadership this year.  I receive a card from a teacher who I would not have expected one from who thanked me for all I did to support him throughout the school year.  There were three staff members who, at the beginning of the year, intended to retire but have decided to give it another year.  It sure feels good to know I made a difference and am excited to build upon it in August.  Despite the long hours, late nights, unexpected situations that seemed unwarranted, children pulled out of their homes and put into foster care...IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.  This is why I get up every day.  I thank God for blessing me with my abilities and gifts, allowing me to serve the purpose He granted me.

Thanking God for another completed school year and an extended weekend of rest and relaxation (with a four hour nap today)...

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