Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Life of an Educator...

So I am trying to keep calm, and prayer sure helps to provide the calming, but it can be a challenge these days...  You would think I would be celebrating the fact that we have just 14 more days of school, wouldn't you?  It is truly hard to believe that is the case.  This school year has flown by and I cannot believe I am about to complete my first year as an elementary principal.  But, with the end of the school year comes...preparation for summer school and next school year.  Yep!  That's right!  It is about to get WAY CRAZY!  (I thought it was already crazy?!  Silly me!  LOL)

I have a pretty hefty deadline to meet by Monday, an all-day training I have to attend today (yes, on Saturday), and some important tasks to complete ASAP.  How is that for filling you in on my life right now?  LOL  Yet, while I am unable to spend this weekend in celebration of National Scrapbook Day, I hope you can do the celebrating for me.  I figure I will take National Scrapbook MONTH for all it is worth and be sure to delve into some scrapbooking fun once these deadlines are met.

I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are.  Tell whoever you need to that I said it is okay to scrapbook to your heart's content today, regardless of the mess you make!



  1. As a retired teacher, I totally get it! Summer will be here soon...

    1. Thanks, Adeline! Summer, what summer?! :) I am in charge of summer school too! No rest for the weary, so the saying goes. :)