Monday, March 9, 2020

Tell Your Story - "Read Across America" Blog with Friends

Welcome to this month's Blog Post done in collaboration with my "Blog with Friends" group. We are here to share content associated with the theme of "Read Across America". You'll find links to their posts below. Please go check out what they have to share with you; it's some FUN stuff!

I am excited to share what I designed that was perfect for this theme. I sooooo could have titled my project "Read Across the World" as well (like Kia did below) as I had fun making this 4" x 4" mini album (aka scrapbook) of our trip to New York City, for Christmas 2019. It is a preservation of the memories we created with our new friends from the UK, Richard and Maxine. 

We totally bonded the moment we met and spent a lot of time and several days together, before our flights would send us separate directions. (There are some additional photos under that Flip Flap. There were a couple more photos that I couldn't resist including so enjoyed adding this additional element.) 

This mini book contains photos of our shared moments as well as a couple, like these, that are some iconic images from the area which require no words. 

While I have just shared some of the story book with you, we totally indulged in the sites and scenes of NYC, eating dinner and socializing at Rockefeller plaza, and here... We capped off our time together by taking a horse-drawn carriage, through Central Park, where we enjoyed dinner at the famous "Tavern on the Green". (I do see I spelled Tavern incorrectly again, even though I knew not to include the last 'e'. LOL I'm glad I caught that now and will have to fix this page; no biggie.) 

If you would like to create a book similar to this, this is part of Close To My Heart's "Story by Stacy" product line. This specific book is called "Story Starter" and is 4" x 4". The built-in Memory Protectors are sewn inside and also includes a workbook to inspire you.

You can keep the book very simple, like I did, and get your photos printed (many places) in 4" squares, making it easy to slip into the pages. You can include a little or a lot of the story, and photos, and do not have to be an experienced scrapbooker to do so.

Do you have some fun memories that would be great preserved in this small format, for you or as a gift? Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to help you.
Thank you very much for stopping by my blog. I always love the read the comments you feel inclined to leave, so please consider doing so. Then, check out my friends' post titles below and go see what they have to share with you! 

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  1. What a wonderful way to preserve precious memories!
    Your booklet reflects all the fun you had!

  2. I'm catching up still on some of the past challenges!

    Those types of books really are a great way to keep memories together. For about 10 or so years, I used to put together a yearly photo book via Blurb and gave them as Christmas gifts. I might start it up again as people have seem to miss them. Very cool idea though!

  3. I truly love these little books. Your handwriting looks like a font, my friend!!


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