Tuesday, June 15, 2021

"Here Comes the Sun" Sunburst Technique

Thank you so much for joining me for this month's Technique Blog Hop where we are featuring the "Sunburst". 
Participants can choose to create the technique from scratch, OR they can use the Sunburst Background Thin Cut from Close To My Heart. (Because it is so popular, unfortunately it is currently on backorder. That tells you how popular it is! With it being on "backorder", that means you can still include it on your order and it will ship separately, from your other products, once it becomes available again.)

If you are coming from Krista's Blog, you are on the right track. 

While I considered using the Thin Cut and cutting different pattern pieces for each pie piece, I decided to follow the lead of one of my customers. She sent me a card where she had used patterned paper for the main background. I decided to use our Sunbeam Holographic Paper as the background. Isn't the name of it perfectly fitting for this technique? We have five different colors to choose from as well as these awesome butterfly sequins. 

I cut out the sunburst pieces from Black Cardstock, keeping the design of this card very simple. While the holographic paper is gorgeous, it changes colors based upon the angle and lighting and I am cautious what I pair with it.

The zig zag circle (I'm not sure what that design is called), which creates the focal point, was cut from a Thin Cut provided in the You Are Enough Stamp + Thin Cuts set (available through the end of this month). 

A friend was visiting, as I created this, and she suggested I cut the circle piece out of the focal point and then stamp directly onto the background. That's exactly what I did for this resulting look. (Typically, when I am looking at this card, these are the colors I see most often. It's very different from the top photo, don't you agree?) 

Feeling like the card needed some sort of accent, I realized how awesome these bottom You Are Enough [Butterfly] Sequins would look with it. I was pleased with the result and hope yoou like it as well. It's a sweet and simple card that can be used for any occasion. 

I appreciate you stopping by and invite you to head over to Wendy's Blog to see what she has created to share with you. Then, be sure to continue making your way around the Blog Hop. I hope our artwork inspires you to create something incorporating this technique. 

Happy hoppin'!


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  1. What a great way to use that icon from you are enough... it has given me some inspiration! Thank you. 😊

  2. Gorgeous! I love the Thin Cut you used around the sentiment. I really draws your eye to it.

  3. Love the holographic paper with the sunburst!

  4. This is just beautiful and I love the addition of the butterflies!

  5. I love these cards and how easy they are to make using the holographic paper. So, beautiful.

  6. I love how the holographic paper looks on these cards. Great job!

  7. I love the holographic paper for your background and the "zig zag circle" is a great pairing with the sunburst!


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