Wednesday, May 26, 2010

15 down...

I never thought I would ever accomplish 15 years of teaching (so fast) just because it always seemed so far away.  But here I am and now I wonder...where did all the time go?  Today I concluded another year of teaching and will spend the next two days in Inservice and then plan on enjoying the summer.

I have had both positive and not-so-fun experiences over the years, teaching in New Mexico, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina and Kansas.  I have met students from all walks of life - some with positive backgrounds and others with very negative ones.  And while every day was not always as rewarding as I would have liked, it is typically at the end of the year when you realize that you did make some sort of impact on some of the students...

Here I am, with a few of my students taking a "jumping" picture.  Of course, I had to act silly and the kids thought the picture was hilarious!  I think so, too!  I'm going to miss...SOME of them...  LOL

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  1. Congratulations! 15 years is a momentous anniversary. And I LOVE the pic. Too cute!