Monday, May 17, 2010

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

We took ninety (90) 7th graders on a fieldtrip Friday and we had a great time!  This park houses only endangered species. We were able to pet giraffes, tortoises, and bunnies and saw some beautiful, but lazy white tigers. 

We were able to feed these cute femurs (monkeys).  They climbed all over us like we didn't even exist. Their hands and feet felt rubbery and they weren't shy about getting into our bags.

This little guy chilled on top of his house. He was too cute how he was sitting.
They aren't too cute close-up, are they?! 

We were also able to pet the kangaroos.  Here is one with her Joey.
This giraffe was quite friendly, licking the palm of our hands.  Seeing this animal up close was totally amazing.  She even had beautiful long eyelashes that were real!

The kids had a good time and...we survived.

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