Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Frosty the Snowman at the Gaylord

My friend and downline, Michelle, invited me to join her, her daughter and our friend, Lulu, at Ice at the Gaylord in Grapevine on Friday night.  I have wanted to go for several years, hearing great things about it, but never have...until now...
We had the fun opportunity for a photo op where we were edited into the background.  I can't wait to get it put on a page/layout.  It will be fun scrappin' all these pictures.
Starting here, until I tell you otherwise, EVERYTHING in the sceneries was carved out of ICE!  It was 9 degrees in the tent where all the fun was found.  I had dressed in winter clothing - coat, hat, gloves, etc. but we were still provided with a parka and it was much needed!
I was in awe at all the fabulous creations and detail in everything.  I don't think, even in seeing it, that I really could comprehend that it was all ice and nothing else.
And this...a HUMONGOUS nativity scene!  It spread across the entire area that I was only able to get a photo of these images.  It was absolutely amazing and beautiful!
This Christmas tree is not out of ice.  LOL  It's a gorgeous tree that was in the main area of the Gaylord Hotel.  Isn't it gorgeous?!
I had a fabulous time and am thankful for the invitation and fun shared with Michelle and Lulu!  Thanks for the fun memories!  And now I have photos for my layouts!  WOOHOO!  LOL

Be blessed!

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