Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gift Exchange Items

I LOVE giving (and receiving) gifts; no matter what they are.  It is something I have always enjoyed.  I hold my Mom responsible since she is the same.  The only thing that is bad about it...I tend to over analyze and think too much...because I want it to be special!

My friend and downline, Xellina, had a crop at her house this past Saturday.  (I LOVE being back around my scrappin' friends!)  She offered a gift exchange and there will be few (if any) times that I would choose not to participate.  I altered several things...  I got the canister at Big Lots.  I just used some Washi Tape to wrap around the rim and then adhered a retired silver flower.  The chalkboard area was already provided, with a piece of chalk!  I filled it with chocolate chip cookies.  For the bag, I just took a silver bag, used a vinyl cut that was too big for another project and placed it on the bag.  A couple of pieces of Washi Tape and Red Shimmer Trim and tada; a gift bag was born!
The photo of the frame just doesn't do it justice.  I sure wish I had taken time to take a better photo of all of these creations.  It was a frame I bought at Big Lots.  I cut a photo opening in the matte, just like was done in the original frame, and decorated it up with Hopscotch, some fun stamp images and a little bling.  It really came out nice!
It seems like the person who ended up with it was pleased so I was happy.  I still have some other gifts to create before the holidays are over.

It's Hump Day!

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