Friday, December 19, 2014

Snowhaven Layouts - LOVE THEM!

These are some of my favorite layouts!  They look great in the photos but even more beautiful in person!  (I find myself saying that quite often no matter what effort I go through to get a good photo.  Seeing the creations in person is much more fun!)
I taught this workshop to several ladies on Monday night and we had a GREAT time!  I pre-cut the paper and Cricut cuts so they could enjoy assembling them.  It was too fun!
I could handle a little snowfall over the holidays so I don't have to stage my photos.  LOL  (Nobody stages photos, do they?!)
Now that I am around places that I can get photos developed quickly, I will be sure to get photos on the layouts quicker.  (That's a promise I'm making to myself in the near year.  Feel free to hold me accountable.)  
These layouts were created by my fabulous friend, Pamela Thorn.  Gotta love the sharing that goes on!  I can duplicate and give her credit for design.  Thanks, Pamela!  I LOVE THEM!

It's FRIDAY!  Let the weekend begin!  And...only five days until Christmas day!  ACK or YAY?!  :)

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