Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My Favorite Parents!

Okay...okay...so I only have one set, but they ARE the best!

Today is my parent's 48th Anniversary - WOW! - a definite milestone to celebrate! They have set wonderful examples as parents and as a married couple. I value all they have instilled in me and am proud to be their daughter.

I'm thankful to have shared in many fun moments with them over the years, some with are highlighted in these photos:

Having my Mom on my Close To My Heart team always gives us an excuse for a "vacation" each summer and we just enjoyed our time together in Las Vegas!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! I'm thankful God selected YOU to be my parents! 

I love you both very much!


  1. I feel the same way about m parents who have been married for 57yrs, some of us have awesome parents, some people I know are not so lucky

    1. Wow! 57! That's amazing! My hubby and I just hit 20! Yes, I am blessed to have them and I totally know what you mean. Definitely thankfully I am theirs.