Monday, November 11, 2019

"Gratitude" - Blog with Friends

Join me and my bloggin' friends as we post topics surrounding the theme of "Gratitude". I've posted images and links to their blogs below. We always appreciate blog traffic so be sure to check them out after you read what I have to share with you.

Do you send greeting cards for the holidays or special occasions? I do and they are always handmade. I don't know the last time I have given (or sent) a store-bought card. I need to do a better job on sending them to various people throughout the year. These cards were especially made for this time of the year, a season of gratitude (although it, too, should happen throughout the year). 

I enjoy making handmade greeting cards, and other treats, for family and friends. There were some basic stamping techniques incorporated into each of these and I've given a brief description of each of them below the close-up of the card. 

This one incorporates "2nd Generation Stamping". The middle color used on the acorns is the same as the one on the left. To achieve the lighter hue, I first stamped the darker image on a separate sheet of cardstock and then stamped the image again, without re-inking it, on the card base. That gave the result you see which allows you to achieve different hues of the same color. 

Where the sentiment is located, that technique is called "Tone-on-Tone". That means that the same color of ink was used, as the cardstock (on the lighter side). It's a subtle, but appealing, look. 

For this one, I used the "Rock 'n Roll" technique. I stamped the entire image up in the lighter yellow color (Saffron) and then rolled it in the darker shade, only getting that color along the edges of the image. This technique allows for "blended" colors. For the pine cones in the middle, they were stamped on a separate sheet of paper and then glued on top. 

This one does not incorporate a technique per say, but I did use Watercolor Pencils to color in the image. By easily using various colors, it's easy to show the various colors on the leaves, as shown. By using a Watercolor Brush, you can give the "watercolor" look (without the mess). 

One of the reasons I have enjoyed stamping for so many years is because of the various techniques you can learn and incorporate with supplies you may already possess. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these handmade cards. Contact me if you would like to make some of your own or if you would like for me to make some for you. I would be honored to do so. 

I truly appreciate you stopping by my blog today. Don't forget to click on my friends' links provided below. They are highlighting some fun topics this month!


  1. You're doing such a wonderful job creating and writing your own artsy cards!
    I have to admit while I love buying specialty cards (I have an entire drawer full, pretty much for every occasion) I am not so great at actually writing and mailing them...

  2. I always send holiday cards and I used to make them myself but have gotten lazy these past few years. You've inspired me to start again, they mean so much more when you've taken the time to put some effort into them.

  3. I really love the coloring of the images. I need to get some of the watercolor pencils!

  4. I used to make cards and send during the year and especially at Christmas time. Not many people appreciate the time and effort so I stopped.

  5. Your cards are beautiful. If i ever retire, i might try making some of my own.


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