Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodies are always good!

Everyone loves goodies and last weekend at the Team Builder's Conference, we weren't short of them - that's for sure!

Upon registering we were given this C-U-T-E basket of goodies, especially appreciated by the cheerleader in me, full of "cheerleader"-type items, fitting for the weekend's theme.
There was a megaphone, pom pons, #1 fingers, mini banners, tattoos and lots of other fun goodies!
Then...(drum roll is needed here, please) on Friday we were given a rolling bag with over $1500 worth of scrapbooking products in it!  It weighed in at over (drum roll again, please) 51 lbs.!  The bag would barely roll!  In it were paper packs, embellishments and other fun stuff...OH MY!
It was packed to the brim with various products and even the pockets on the front were filled with goodies!  I'll be playing with this fun stuff and using it as door prizes at my upcoming events and for challenges for my team!  It almost felt like Christmas all over again!
On Saturday, placed at our tables, were these BEAUTIFUL leather notebooks with our Legacy Writer pens on top.
 The notebook is absolutely gorgeous with our CTMH logo on the front.  It's one of those things that's almost too pretty to use!  GEEZ!  You think we would want ugly stuff so we wouldn't mind using it?!  NO WAY!  I'll take the plunge at some point when I decide what I want to write in it.
For those of you who know me well, any gift is a great gift!  I love the thought behind gift-giving but these gifts were totally awesome and greatly appreciated.  I love our company who loves surprises and likes to provide treats and watch us get extremely excited over them!

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