Friday, February 8, 2013

Digital Layouts - ON SALE THIS MONTH!

When the company announced "digital" scrapbooking a few years ago I thought, "Never!  Not me!"  However, I now have a new-found love for it but still enjoy getting my hands inky while creating "traditional" layouts.  Beside, who says you have to choose?!

Our Studio J online program is simply fabulous!  I continue to learn fun ways to edit and embellish my layouts with it.  You can keep things simple or learn more advanced techniques to keep you interested.  And the quality of the printed layouts are top-notch.  In fact, this month the layout are just $5 - just $2.50 a page!  Who can design hand-made layouts for that price?   Find all the details here!
If you have never tried Studio J, this month is a perfect time to do so.  In fact, you can create a layout for FREE and never have to purchase a thing!  Give it a try and see what you think.  I am just a phone call or email away if you have any questions.  Try it.  You just might like it.

By the way...  Remember I said you didn't have to choose?  You don't!  Check out this article as shared with us by Close to My Heart.  You can get a layout printed through Studio J and then embellish to your heart's desire!  Too fun, right?

Liquid Glass makes it quick and easy to create a hybrid between digital and classic scrapbooking.
Pattern: Defining Moments™
Kit: Splash Zone
Wanna really make your Studio J layouts shine? Do as Close To My Heart Consultant Krista Ritskes from Oshawa, Ontario, has done: create an embellished studio layout by adding Liquid Glass. Krista's "Good Water" layout was perfect for creating a hybrid Studio J layout with this super shiny, clear embellishment.
Add dimension to your title quickly and easily by tracing the letters with Liquid Glass.
Krista dressed up her title by painting over the title words with Liquid Glass. It adds dimension and texture to the flat page plus the real look of water, which perfectly reinforces her theme.
Liquid Glass dries clear and creates the look of water droplets.
And look how fun these water droplets are—each made from Liquid Glass! This technique would be great on layouts featuring any water theme: ocean, beach, river, lake, water fight, rainy day, etc. You can also use Liquid Glass to create dew droplets on flowers, or add it anywhere you want to draw the eye with a bit of shine. Just be sure to give your Liquid Glass plenty of time to dry.
Try creating a hybrid, or embellished, studio layout—produced on the computer but dressed up with real accessories. It combines the best of both the online and classic scrapbooking worlds and gives your layouts added dimension and pop!

To play with Studio J for yourself, sign up for a FREE account - no payment until you decide to print - by clicking here.  I will be sharing Studio J videos and ideas through here from time to time so watch my blog.
Hoping your weekend is starting off right!  (I am about to go create in my scrap room!)

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