Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Days Journal

I was thrilled when I saw the new lined journal we began carrying this summer.  I had been debating about how I wanted to decorate it and am thankful the creative mojo hit me this past weekend.  :)
It became pretty easy when I decided to use the Chantilly Complements Dimensional Elements and am thrilled with how it turned out.  I punched out a few of the dimensionals, arranged them, and here we are!  I tried blinging it up a bit but felt the colors of the elements were enough and I did not want to take away from their "pretty".
I was concerned with what adhesive would adhere to the canvas cover and went with Liquid Glass (just $6.96 a bottle and it lasts a a long time).  Who could go wrong with the LG?  :)  It has held up well.  I did save the plastic packaging the journal arrived in and will use it as a protective covering as I transport my journal.  I realize the dimensional items could get caught on something and I would not want that to happen.
The Journal is just $8.95 and can be decorate as your li'l heart desires.  You can even stamp on it!  It, with a matching pen, would make a great gift for someone special.
If you are interested in purchasing these or any other products, please feel free to shop on my website.  You can shop any time of the day/night you want and the items will ship straight to your door.  Click here to start shopping and let me know if you have any questions!
Now...to write in my journal...

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