Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Friends Who Were Fellow Papercrafters, First

I have shared, many times, how blessed I am to have such a wonderful team within Close To My Heart. My Heartfelt Sentiments team is a blessing to me as I met all of these wonderful ladies because of our love of papercrafting.
I enjoy any chance I get to spend time with them and we are always sure to have loads of fun. We were provided the opportunity to gather in Grapevine, TX a little over a week ago when Close To My Heart visited for a "new product launch" event. That's right! We got a sneak preview of the awesome new products that are to be released to the public on January 1, 2017; that is [just] one of the perks of being a Close To My Heart Consultant.

There is a story "behind" [no pun intended] this photo...
After taking this photo, the night before the event, we made a run to a nearby store. As we were getting out of the car we noticed something on the back of Michelle. It was hilarious as we realized that one of the decorations from the Christmas tree above, had stuck to her sweater! She had walked through the hotel, spoken to the concierge, and left out the front doors and nobody noticed nor said a thing. LOL We were hysterical and I crack up every time I see this photo! FUN TIMES!
We closed out the training day with a delicious lunch at Uncle Buck's, shared with a great Consultant-friend, Roberta Stafford, who joined us from Reno, NV. And...the CTMH employee who conducted our event was Yvonne Drake. She did a fabulous job. We were thrilled that both of them joined us for lunch. It was a fabulous weekend and went by way too fast.
If you would like to join my team and the Close To My Heart fun, we would love to have you. There is a fabulous new Consultant kit that is now available. I am always happy to answer questions!



  1. These beautiful ladies and their smile totally compliments the name of the team 'Close to my heart'. You all look like a family close together and no doubt when you get such an awesome fellow workers in your team you feel blessed and love your work.

  2. It is fun to have a good team. You always enjoy workng together even in tough times if the team is nice and friendly.

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