Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Today is my Sister's birthday.  Her name is Stephanie.  She's my big, little sister.  She's younger than me but has always been taller than me - or at least for most of our lives.  LOL

It's just the two of us...  We are different in several ways and yet share some common interests.  I am sure it would be funny for others to sit in on some of our phone calls or silly discussions, memories only the two of us share - and secrets others will never know... :0)  They aren't bad secrets...just sister secrets.

I have shared many great memories with her!  We always wanted a brother...but I don't think he would have known what to do with us!  God knew what he was doing...  I love you, Sister and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Stephanie and I hanging out during our Memorial Day 2010 visit to Silver City, NM.

My Sister and Husband cuttin' up like always...

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