Monday, July 26, 2010

My favorite spots in D.C.!

There was something special about visiting Washington, D.C. for our Annual Close To My Heart Convention in early July.  I shared memories with people in my life which will always have a special place in my heart.  And...I have some wonderful pictures to remind me of them...

I had the fortunate opportunity to "live" in the Gaylord National Hotel for over a week and shared the experience with several roommates.

Here am I with two of my roomies, my Mom (Maria Elena Sanchez) and Sheila Wilkerson.

One roomie was behind the camera in most pictures so here I am with my other roomie, Cindy Denning (and Sheila Wilkerson).

We were blessed to have been granted tours to the White House, Pentagon and Capitol on July 6th.  Security was very high at each location and we were extremely limited on what we could take on our tours - and cameras were not included.  We were able to take our phones so used camera capabilities on them for selective pictures.

Our first visit was to the White House. We were able to view portions of the West Wing, seeing historical furniture and commemorative photos and paintings.  No sightings of President Obama nor the First Lady

Our next stop was at the Pentagon.  We had some good people-watching opportunities as we awaited the tour, with everyone having to show valid identification whether working in the Pentagon or visiting someone who worked there.  We were unsure what to expect on this tour but it was very moving and informative.  We were able to go inside the 9/11 Memorial.  It was very emotional simply upon entering.  It was wonderful to see such a tribute to all the men, women and children who lost their lives that fateful day.

The Capitol was next...

 We reported to Kansas Congressman Jerry Moran's office where we were greeted by two interns who became our tour guides.  They gave us a very thorough tour of the Capitol although nobody was in session. 

The visitor's center is a newly added portion to the Capitol and is underground.

I enjoyed seeing the phenomenal structures and artwork in the Capitol.  It was amazing to see the art and creativity in a building that is hundreds of years old. 

We also saw the sites on the National Mall but those photos are to come in another post.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing in these memories with me!

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