Saturday, March 3, 2018

Refueling My Engine at Business Builders

I had the pleasure of attending Close To My Heart's Business Builders' Conference in Salt Lake City last weekend. It was an amazing time with 60+ of the top business builders in the company whether in sales, recruiting or both. For me, the biggest bonus was that Jeanette Lynton, the Owner and CEO, was in attendance and spoke to us on a couple of occasions. I had the privilege of visiting with her for a few minutes and THAT was amazing! I am so thankful that her health is improving and continue to pray for a miracle and her full recovery.
We also had the pleasure of surrounding ourselves with members of the Home Office Staff whom I love dearly. Many I have known for 20 years and have been blessed to share in fun moments with them.

I especially love Monica Wihongi who was announced as the President of the company on Saturday afternoon. (We think we are sisters from another mister. LOL) I was totally thrilled with the announcement, fully aware there is no better person to serve in this role. Monica has been with the company for 25 years, in various capacities, having seen it early on in its inception and through all the mountains and valleys. It's obvious she possess a love for Jeanette and this company. I am excited for all that lies ahead. It's so awesome to feel a connection to the decision-makers of this company and I am thoroughly blessed, as I have written many times before, as a Consultant with Close To My Heart.
You might be wondering what we do at Business Builders. Well, it's an opportunity for team leaders and incentive trip earners to gather together to discuss ideas that will help spur our businesses and lead our teams in an effective manner, while sharing the fabulous products with customers.
We were provided a delicious lunch on the two days and I had the privilege of sitting with these wonderful ladies, almost all of whom I've known for years. During the round table discussions best practices were shared as well as ideas we could consider for our own teams and businesses. I don't think I could have been surrounded by a better group of women.
We're always gifted with some fun goodies. I loved the pocket folder we were given that contained our notes. you see mini Mr. Sticky Boy? I was so thrilled he decided to surprise me for the weekend. :) I do love me some Sticky Boy and enjoy seeing him at our company-sponsored events.
And look at our cute name tags and the bracelet we were given! The theme for the weekend was "Train the Trainer", equipping us with the tools to empower our team members and customers. The charms on the bracelet are very intentional. The two outside charms are representative of the event - the logo on the far right is that for Business Builders. The train, indicative of the theme and the opportunity to make new connections and move forward. And the coordinates...those of the home office in Pleasant Grove. Isn't that awesome?! I totally love it!
While we were there, I had the pleasure of experiencing a beautiful snowfall. Thankfully we had good reason to stay inside but I had to take the time for a few photo opportunities, of course! It was gorgeous (and cold)!

My engine has been refueled and I'm geared up to move forward, supporting my team members and customers, spreading the love and joy I experience as a Consultant with Close To My Heart. I continue to be blessed with the relationships and love for the products that still make my heart happy. I'm here for as long as possible.

If you would like to join this fun journey with me - in any role - let me know. This train is departing...ALL ABOARD! Choo choo!

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